How do you get search engines to see your website?


Hello, I would like to get my website to show up in search engines, but I’m a beginner and don’t know how.

I will add that I have cloudflare and a free .tk domain

.tk domain is not supported on free hosting

In general, search engines decide which websites to crawl and index and how they rank them. They usually have tools to help diagnose any issues, like Google Search Console, but even that doesn’t guarantee that your website will be found.

Last time I used a .tk domain, Google really hated them and strongly penalized them in rankings. But that’s probably about a decade ago now. So if you really care about search engine rankings, spending a bit of money on your own domain name is a great investment.


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@aa1234 In case it helps you: go to https ://, log in with your google account or create one, click Add a property to let Google knows what your website is, and follow the steps on the screen to take its ownership. Then create XML sitemap and upload it clicking Sitemap side menu. Be sure that robots.txt file in your site root allows spiders from *.


Thank you all for your replies, I will think about a paid domain (:

That’s just an advice if you are really serious about branding. Not something that is forcing you.

You are using another web host, not InfinityFree, your account has expired, InfinityFree does not do that.