How do you add a site to cloudfare?

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I have created a cloudare account, however, on the Home page, if I click “Add Site” and enter the site I created, (, I get a message that says “Invalid Domain”.

What do I need to enter in order to add a site?

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You need a custom domain.
Get it from Freenom…


After you’ve either bought your domain or got a free one from Freenom, head over to and register your cloudflare account.
Add your custom domain and point your nameservers to theirs.
After that, add an A record to your hosting account’s IP, which you can find in your client area. Then you’ve successfully setup CloudFlare! :partying_face:


Many thanks for your prompt reply.
I have done what you said.
I created a new domain at Freenom called
At cloudfare, I added an ‘A’ record, under the “Name” field, I added “@” and in the content field, I added the IP address of my Infinity site.
I submitted the entry, however, at the top of this configuration page, I get a message that says;
" Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that will resolve."

Have I done something wrong?

Just add another A record, this time “www” under name field with IP address of ur Infinity site in the content field will do


The reason why I tried to add my (free) site to cloudfare was that its still not showing up in Google search results.
The site is registered to me.
Do I actually need to add my site to cloudfare by first registering an alternate domain (www.
Because when I add the cloudare nameservers to my account (:- URORA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, IVAN.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM), I keep getting forwarded to Special offer and Discount Coupon
When I add the either or account I get a message that the page cant be found.
Is any of this supposed to be possible with a free website or am I wasting my time?

Google search results are hard to predict, especially for small sites.

For starters, when checking whether your site is being indexed, be sure to search for, which tells Google to only show results from your domain. Searching for vixen racing may cause other sites to be ranked higher, which can happen even when searching the literal name of your site.

And even if the site: query doesn’t show your domain, that doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your domain name. It can take a long time before Google indexes new sites.

What does tend to help is to register the site in Google Search Console.

But again, you can’t force Google to do anything. Using or not using Cloudflare has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The domain is not assigned to any hosting account. You need to add it to a hosting account first, or the server won’t know which account and website the domain is related to.

If Freenom’s panel returns a “page not found” error, that’s a problem with Freenom’s panel. We can’t help you if your domain name provider doesn’t let you change your nameservers.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by " is not assigned to any hosting account", please can you explain.
Where and how do I do the “assigning”?

On Freenom, within the “Manage Freenom DNS” section, I have altered the namsevers section to refer to the Cloudfare nameservers (IVAN.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, AURORA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM).

Within Cloudfare I followed these instructions from the knowledge base;
“add the following DNS records:”

  • " * CNAME record with source @ and the target being your account’s main domain. How to find your main domain?
    • CNAME record with source www and target @."

Which bit am I doing wrong?

Please see:


Ok, so its been 5 days since I followed the advice in the linked Knowledgebase article.

I created a domain on Freenom called ’’ and changed the nameservers to 'NS1.EPIZY.COM, NS2.EPIZY.COM).
In my Infinity account (the one thats hosts the site I created ‘’), I went to the ‘Domains’ section and selected, 'Aliases (Parked Domains).
On the field titled ‘Domain Name’, I added ’ the new domain I created on Freenom called ‘’.
On the field titled ‘Park onto’ I selected my infinity site ‘’, clicked the ‘Add Parked Domain’ button.
There were no errors.
A table now appears on this page. Under the title ‘Domain’ appears the Freenom domain called ‘’ and under the column titled ‘Parked Onto’ appears my infinity domain called ‘’.

The instructions tell me to wait 72 hours (so I did).
I also flushed my DNS cache by using the Command Prompt command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’.

However, when I go to ’’ I still get the message that says
’ This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


What am I doing wrong?

You will then have to generate a SSL certificate for your custom domain from the “SSL Certificates” section of the Client Area and after successful generation install it on your hosting account with the instructions on this article, or sign up for Cloudflare and add your custom domain there, making sure to change your website URL from HTTPS to HTTP afterwards on your CMS settings file or through the database.


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