How do I verify the site using Google Webmaster Tools?

I am looking for the HTML tag. I am using Joomla. Can you help me? Thanks!

This is a question which is probably better answered by the Joomla community, because it sounds like you need to find out how to edit the contents of your site. Usually, you can do this through a plugin or by manually editing the template files.

A far easier approach would be to use the HTML file verification method. Google will provide you with an HTML file which you can just upload to your account. It’s super easy and works regardless of what CMS or script you use.

@xSolidFigure Like @Admin said Google should give you verification file that you put on root directory of your site. File name is usually google and letters that are unique for your Google account only. I don’t know why you want to insert some kind of HTML tag, because when I verified my websites you simply had to insert file and visit it throught your browser to check if it’s inserted and then you could just simply click Verify and Google would detect file on your site and then you would get verified.

If you are having any further problems, then please contact with us again! We will be happy to solve out your issue! :slight_smile: