How do I use My Domain name in infinity free as link shortner?

Good admin, I have uploaded an index.php file to my file manager in infinityfree which has a code to brand my url as my domain name.

I searched for it and I realize its not working. I want to use my domain name to shorten my affiliate links without the use of 3rd party url.

How do I do this please as I’m a newbie to using websites. Please help.

So, this shortener URL is only for redirect to your affiliate links?

You can use this PHP code to redirect it:


But it’s troblesome if you had many affiliate links.
In that case, maybe you can consider this tips:


Thanks for the suggestion but for me to be able to understand what you just said I will need to watch a video of it.

So I will just stick with the first one. My question now is; where do I placed the index.php file in my file manager because I’m using an acquired domain and I heard the set up is kind of different?

From your client area, go to the hosting account, go to the Domain Names panel and click Open in File Manager next to your domain name. You can then upload your index.php file to the folder which you’re looking at right there.

Also, please don’t create 3 topics about the same question. If you forgot to include some information in the first post, just reply to the existing topic instead of creating a brand new topic.

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