How Do I Upgrade My PHP


I received an error message on my website (www.eroticarated) asking me to update my php from its current level (7.0.33) to that of 7.4.

Using the cPanel, I upgraded the php but the error message is still showing and certain features on my site aren’t working.

Error message:

*** Your site is running an insecure version of PHP (7.0.33), which should be updated.

What is PHP and how does it affect my site?

PHP is the programming language used to build and maintain WordPress. Newer versions of PHP are created with increased performance in mind, so you may see a positive effect on your site’s performance. The minimum recommend version of PHP is 7.4. ***

Please how can I upgrade my php and how soon can this be rectified.

Change your PHP version


That’s odd, we don’t run PHP 7.0 anymore.

I looked up the domain name and it’s currently hosted on iFastNet’s premium hosting. That means everything you do at InfinityFree won’t affect your website anymore. Instead, you should be able to login to cPanel from iFastNet from where you can manage your website settings.


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