How do I try to install Wordpress

Softaculous Apps Installer doesn’t work for me too.
I tried to install Wordpress from FTP.
I created the database and modified the config.php file as indicated:

/ ** The name of the database for WordPress * /
define ('DB_NAME', 'epiz_25632193_example');
/ ** MySQL database username * /
define ('DB_USER', 'epiz_25632193');
/ ** MySQL database password * /
/ ** MySQL hostname * /
define ('DB_HOST', '');

How do I try to install Wordpress:
It gives me the message:
A critical error has occurred on your website.
I set wp_debug as true, but I haven’t seen any messages.
How can I solve the problem?
Thanks. Greetings.

Hello there,

It is likely that you have missing files or some of the files when you tried to upload the wordpress software got corrupted.
Please check the following KB for more information:


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