How do i transfer a domain out of infinityfree?

I never got the hang of this website builder so I’d like to transfer my domain to another provider. How do I do this? Specifically, how do I obtain an Authorization Code to transfer?

Hi and welcome to the forum! If you’re using a subdomain from us, you’ll be limited to our hosting and, when you migrate your account to Premium Hosting, even to that, and you can’t use it anywhere else. If you’re using your own domain, you’re free to sign up to another web hosting service with no limitations and also change the nameservers if required to the new web hosting service you’re going to use. There’s no need to transfer your domain to another domain registrar though, and we aren’t a domain registrar.


Thank you! I am using my own domain.
So if I want to host my website elsewhere like on Wix or Squarespace for instance, do I need to do anything here on infinityfree, or do I need to go directly to my registrar?


Yes, just setup the necessary stuffs (e.g. nameservers) at your registrar.


First take complete backup of your files and database…! Then move wherever server you want to host

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