How do I start over?

I tried and failed to restore my WP site from a backup I made with a plugin. I then tried again. Now I have an email telling me that I’ve used up all my disk space so it seems I uploaded the backup successfully twice. All the files are there taking up space but my site isn’t showing up. Now, I just want to delete it all and start over. Then, when it doesn’t show up again, I’ll post here again and ask what to do. So what’s the easiest way to delete the entire site? I don’t want to delete any account info. I just want to delete the site so I can start over with the softaculous installer. Thanks.


  1. Done
  2. I deleted the database in MySQL Database. I can’t find Forwarders or Email Accounts
  3. I went to Softaculous. There is no Installed Apps
  4. I went to Online File Manager.
    a) I deleted everything I could in the htdocs folder.
    b) I could not delete wp-content. I went into wp-content and there is 1 item that I can’t delete - “forum list backgrounds”.
    c) Where are the domain folders? I couldn’t find anymore htdocs folders
    d) I think I deleted something you didn’t mention on the same level as the htdocs folder.

My username is epiz_34095424. Can you confirm that everything is gone so I can start over? Thanks

I would follow this then:

Also, please don’t use backup plugins in your new account in the future. They don’t work well here, and the only thing they actually do is get you suspended.


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