How do I setup a basic php mailer

I downloaded the PHP mailer from GitHub, created a “/contact” directory, placed all of the files in this directory, however, when I navigate to the “/contact” directory, I get this error “HTTP ERROR 500”.

At this stage, all I want to do is display the contact form, (I’ll figure how to configure it later).
How do I at least get it to display?

After configuring only it can display it…
Why do you wanna do the weird way?

Make sure that you downloaded the release and not the code

I have created from scratch an entire website, except the contact form, because at this stage, I only know about HTML and CSS.
I followed the instructions in the Readme file from here (GitHub - InfinityFreeHosting/contactform: Simple contact form with PHPMailer).
I’m not trying to do anything weird, I just want to know what steps to take in order to display a contact form and make it work.

AFAIK the tells everything. did you change the config file to your requirements?

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Could you try to get the real error message of the error?

And perhaps share the URL on which you’re trying to upload it so we can check it?


I have downloaded the Github files from here;

I’m completely new to server side script, so I am trying to take it one step at a time.
My first step is to get the form to form to display.

I uploaded all of the files to my domain name in the “/contact” directory, however, when I link to it, I get this error message;

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


As a first step, how do I get the index.php to at least render in the browser?

Without configuration how can you render it?

First step, edit the config file, then it shd render


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When do announcements close?

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Secret = they never close, untill it goes offtopic

I am having php mailer library which works and with 1 mailing file and a folder with 3 file
I can upload here if you want

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