How do I set up free SSL?

I went to set up SSL inside my Cpanel. I clicked configure and then filled out the information. Then it says that I need to supply the Private Key and CSR to the SSL signer to get the certificate. Not sure what that is or where I need to go to do that.

You see, InfinityFree does not have 1-click installer yet.

So it means that you need to find a free SSL provider by yourself and go to their website and follow the instructions how to get these details, yourself.

There are some free SSL providers that you could find with a quick online search.


You can get free SSL certificates from StartSSL. Generate the private key and CSR in your control panel, verify your domain at StartSSL (make sure you use an e-mail address you can personally receive e-mail on!) and generate an SSL certificate through StartSSL. You can then install that certificate through your control panel.

Start ssl certificates are renewable or not?

@sanjiv3299 said:
Start ssl certificates are renewable or not?

StartSSL has ceased operation, and you cannot get any certificates through them anymore. So: no.