How do I set up a subdomain?

Hi. I’m trying to setup a subdomain for my website
The subdomain I’m trying to use is, but after setting it up and putting all the files in the proper folder, I’m getting this template parked domain looking page, and not the content of the folder.

How can I get this to work? (And please try to explain in a simple way, I’m not really good with any of this kind of stuff.)

I use GoDaddy for my main domain (Tornada), cloudflare for SSL and stuff, and of course InfinityFree for hosting.

You will need to add a CNAME record in Cloudflare. Set it’s value to the subdomain (so “claykid” in your case) and the content being the IP of your account. Purge Cloudflares cache and clear your own, and all should work.

I tried both a CNAME and an A record, and neither seems to be working - I set up the subdomain using InfinityFree in the control panel, do I need to do that elsewhere (eg. godaddy or cloudflare) or do I just need to wait for it to update or something?

Try adding another CNAME record, but instead of the IP, out your domain name.



Either method should just work.

I just checked your site and it seems to be working fine from here.

Perhaps it’s DNS or browser cache? Or maybe it just took some time for the settings to take effect?

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