How do I send an email update about new posts?

I use WordPress. I want to give visitors an option to receive an email whenever I post a new post. I’ve tried Email Subscribers and MailPoet but no emails are being sent. I understood there’s a problem with php emails and installed WP Mail SMTP and connected it to my Gmail, but I don’t know how to make these or any other plugin use it to send email updates. I would also like Contact Form 7 to use it… What to do? I’m desperate.

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No clue. WP Mail SMTP should be able to send email notifications successfully. Can you send a test email with it and see if it can send at all? If not, then the problem is with the SMTP plugin settings.

All the other plugins should either use the built-in WordPress email facilities (which are reconfigured by WP Mail SMTP), or come with their own, which you may be able to configure to use Gmail too.

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Well, it seems you’re right. I looked for ways to connect the apps to WP Mail SMTP after installing it, but they (at least Email Subscribers and Contact Forms 7) use it automatically and send emails through them. Hurray :).

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