How do I sell a "subdomain" with a main domain?

Hello, guys!
I wanted to tell you the following things:

  1. In this year, I’ll be eighteen, so I will be able to buy a domain .ar in Argentina, called “”, which basically will be to the user put “”.
  2. Can I use Gitlab to do so?
  3. If not, which hosting do you reccomend me?

Get a reseller account?

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What is it you actually intend to sell? Just the subdomain itself which people can use like a real domain (like Freenom or EU.ORG)? Or also a hosting service (like we do)? Or a SaaS wiki hosting service (like Wikia)?

Which product you should use depends on what you want people to be able to do with it.

In any case, I don’t think GitLab can do that.

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I want the firtst one.

In that case, you’ll need some kind of management software to do that. You’ll need a panel for users tor sign up, register domains, and setup DNS records and nameservers. I vaguely remember one off the shelf solution that could do that but I can’t find it anymore and I don’t think it was maintained.

The whole free subdomain situation seems to be quite barren at this time. A decade or so ago there was a flourishing landscape of free subdomain providers, with providers like, and From that time, only Freenom has survived.

As for why that is, my best guess is rampant abuse and more strict registrars and registries. Even we regularly get into fights with our domain providers about abuse cases that aren’t taken care of quickly enough. And we can check and control the content that is being shown on the subdomains because we also do the hosting. If you provide full DNS controls, people could do anything with the subdomains.

So to answer your question: you’ll probably need to develop your own management system that can handle user registrations and use it to provision DNS settings for subdomains.

And put effort in abuse prevention from day 1. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


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