How do I prevent my account from being deleted?

I recently created an account and uploaded a beta version of my website. I received an email from Infinity Free stating that my “account has has been inactive for a while. To make room for new accounts, we automatically deleted inactive accounts after some time.” I have since created a new account and uploaded my new site. I was wondering what I need to do to keep the site active and prevent it from being deleted. Does the site need a certain number of visits or edits a month to be deemed active? Any help or information would be appreciated.

Thank you


Yes, I believe your website must get at least 5 hits per month to stay active, and you also have to login to your control panel at least once a month.

Thank you so much for the quick answer. I really appreciate it, stay safe.


Your website only needs a few hits every month. You do not need to log into any panel to keep your account active.

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