How do I open wordpress (once installed)

First of all, so sorry for my stupidity! My daughter and I are trying to learn how to make a website. We’ve succesfully created a domain name, updated name space, created infinityfree account, and downloaded wordpress.

But, we can’t work out how to open wordpress/use it to create a website (I assume editing a theme) now it is installed?

I know this is the worst question ever!

Simply go to your website and add /wp-admin after your domain name. Login with credentials and you good to go.




Hi, a few confusing terms are contained in your post so we’ll process them just in case

my first thought was that you are a programmer let’s say C++
but you probably mean “nameservers”

there was no need for that - this is how it can be installed

what I’m not sure about is whether you really installed it or just downloaded it.
if not installed - follow the instructions above

here are some beginner instructions

don’t say that! - it is better to ask than to do nothing


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