How do i locate installation page?

Username epiz_32413014

i think i have uploaded files on HTDOCS, but my website is till not working, read on getting started that i should browse to " the install/uploaded location and locating the installation page".

I m finding it difficult to locate this page, so I could test run my site.

any help?


We are unable to help if you do not fill up according to template.
Provide url for a start


ok, the url is :
i need to know how to install webpages/html after uploading into HTDOCS

Your website is working from here. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere.


how do you mean visible? cos all i can see is and then “Beginner” on the body.

What web software you’re using?

i m just working directly from my cpanel on infinity tree, are there any other steps i need to do after loading files on HTDOCS, that’s what i need to do, what to do next

That is all I see as well.

Whatever file is supposed to show on the page load needs to be called index.html or imdex.php


That depends on your website.

To answer your question directly:

The “installation page” this is referring to is the installation page of your script. If you install a CMS, like WordPress, by hand, you’ll usually have to go through an installation procedure on your website to do things like setting up the database and creating an administrator user.

How to find this page, or whether such a page even exists on your site, depends on what you’re using to build your site.

So if you’re custom coding your site, then you know best whether your site has an installation procedure, and what this procedure looks like. Most custom coded sites don’t bother with installation systems.

And to be clear: from a hosting perspective there is nothing left to do. All you need to do is setup your website.


I see a blank white page and when I views the source I get

so i guess you are using netbeans, im not familiar with it myself but this isnt correct its just a html comment with no content

maybe something is failing in your php, try enabling php errors and post the results here

goto cpanel click on alter php config, alter php directives, turn on display errors



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