How do I link to the database?


So I just made a post a second ago so sorry to flood. But I have a new problem. As long as I’m using a vpn my page shows (must not have launched in australia yet?), but when it does it loads everything up to the sql stuff I have. I used inspect element and sure enough it has html code (a few headers and a sidebar) and then it comes time to do php stuff and I get ERROR: Could not connect. Connection refused

My connection code is:

$link = mysqli_connect("", "", "", "epiz_25635238_ForumPage");

I’m not sure If I’m putting the right things in the right parameter slots. I got the ip from the url on my php myadmin page, and I assumed that the database name was the the one showing at the top of my phpmyadmin page (including the epiz_[numbers]_ForumPage). I left username and password blank because I don’t think that I need that stuff? idk.


Any help is appreciated


You can go to the Control Panel to check your SQL Database details.

You should use the MySQL hostname and not that IP.

You need the password and username also as it is very important so your software can connect to the Database.


Thank you! I aaalmost have it now. But I don’t know how to find my password? Is this something that I have to set it up or is it something I have done already and forgotten… The error message has changed slightly ERROR: Could not connect. Access denied for user 'epiz_25635238'@'[redacted]' (using password: NO) which makes sense considering I don’t know what password to use.

Ugh. I should really try just a little harder before I reply. I figured it out now!

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