How do I know if my SSL certificate was issued or rejected? Currently its status is "rumored"


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I just asked, how do I know if my SSL certificate has been issued or not or has been rejected? Currently the status is “rumored”, it has been two days. Can anyone provide information. Thank you in advance

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Where are you getting your SSL certificate from? InfinityFree dashboard or somewhere else?

First of all, if you need help with a service from us, please post your question to the Hosting Support category.

As for your question itself, I think some nuance is lost in translation. Judging by your message, I suspect you’re translating our panel into your own language, then wrote this response in your own language? That would explain why you call it “rumored”. I think that we call that “pending”.

In any case, both of your certificates are active now. You just need to install them.


Dari Dashbord InfinityFree

@bqYoga, please do not create multiple topics for the same issue.

As Admin explained previously, your certificates are active, and you just need to install them on your website.

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