How do i install free ssl certificate for my sub domain?

Hello Everyone!!!

Hope everyone are fine!!!

Does anyone have idea how to install free SSL Certificate to subdomain?

I am trying to install SSL for

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!!!

Kamal Kishore

You can’t. Just register a free domain on Freenom.


You can just install any SSL certificate you want on your free subdomain through the SSL/TLS section in the control panel. It’s no different from installing an SSL certificate on a custom domain name.

However, our free SSL certificates tool can only provide certificates for own domains, not free subdomains. So you’ll need to find a different SSL certificate provider to give you a certificate for your subdomain.


If you want SSL contact me for subdomain I will help you out :slight_smile:

Please tell me how to install it.

Ah! Sorry for the late reply.

If you want to install SSL for your sub-domain, there is no possible way to do it FREE using LE.
However, if you use other providers, you can do it.
If you want one, you can ask me and I will generate one for you.


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