How do i install a multi-domain/san ssl certificate on free hosting/vista panel?

now we come to the question how do you actually install a multi-domain/ucc ssl certificate on vista panel/free hosting, because when i issue a certificate from a self-signed ca that i own (all correct root/intermediate certificates are installed on my device) and for example it would look like this:
CN: example1
O: Example
OU: Testing
1: example1
2: example2
when i visit example1 it says secure then i visit example2 it says secure,
then i exit chrome, re-launch it and reload the page, but then something happens, it says the page is no longer secure, then i go back to example1 and it says secure and then i go back to example2 and it says secure and i have tried this 3 times thinking it was a bug but the same thing happened every single time, can someone please explain to me why this is happening and how i can fix it?
does it have something to do with dns cache?
or am i forgetting something?
i tried install the same certificate and private key for both sites, the main site example1 accepted the certificate and private key, but example2 said that the hostname example1 does not match example2,
how on earth do i fix this?
( replace example1 and example2 with 2 different links)

because you need to install the same certificate on both domains. Not just on one domain with alternate names.

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VistaPanel is quite picky about the SSL certificates. It requires the target domain to be present in the Common Name field (no wildcard certs or multi domain certs), and the certificate must be issued by a known SSL certificate vendor.

Also, if you want our help to setup SSL, it would help a lot if you could provide the actual domain names, not just dummy placeholders, so we can check what’s actually set up. It’s very useful to be able to check things yourself and not have to ask for you for every little hunch.


well i have 1 more question for you,
how do you install certificate chains on vista panel if this is even possible?

I don’t think that’s possible


would it be possible via apache config?

If your talking about VPS server, then yes, using the VHost config files, but on this free hosting, no.

no i mean like if an admin could go into the config file and manually insert the root and intermediate certificate chain along with the private key and certificate for the site

They could. But it’s not included with free hosting :+1:

Of course it could be added to the sever configuration, but we’re not going to manually set up server configuration for individual users. Our server admins have better things to do than manually installing CA chains for hundreds of thousands of users.

Either we offer it as a feature in the panel or we don’t offer it at all. Right now, it’s the latter.


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