How do I get to my Wordpress page and admin page after Softaculous installation?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I see the same website with ad links in both cases, so I don’t know how to see what should be the Wordpress and admin page just installed.

I’m using this software:
Wordpress installed by Softaclous, I am using Chrome browser.

Additional information:
I’ve tried installing Wordpress completely to Softaculous defaults i.e. to a wp folder or direct to the domain folder several times, same result in each case, the install was successful apparently per the following response:

Congratulations, the software was installed successfully

WordPress has been successfully installed at :
Administrative URL : []
We hope the installation process was easy.

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if you do not want to have a /WP/ in the address then

You have two options to fix this. You can:

f you just installed the script, you can just delete the old installation, go back to Softaculous and install it again with the right directory. Double and triple check the “Directory” field in Softaculous, it should be empty if you don’t want a subdirectory!

softaculous - if you want to uninstall
on the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse above that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then

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