How do I get .onion Tor support on infinityfree?

Hello. I would like to make my site available over Tor .onion services. Not for illegal activities, I want to make it more secure for people who use Tor.
Please help me. If it’s not supported, will it work on a DirectAdmin hosting without ssh?


We do not support such domain names here

I don’t know of a free hosting provider that does

You are probably going to have to pay for this service. I would look for hosts that promote that they host .onion domains


@ItsGamingTube, MOFH does NOT support creating .onion domains.
Maybe check here:

The TOR support requires additional networking software to be installed on the server. So with web hosting, it must be setup by the host. Even if your hosting did have SSH, you wouldn’t have the level of access necessary to install TOR.

I can think of a lot of reasons why hosting TOR sites on shared hosting isn’t desirable for either the host or the website owner.

TOR is used by people who have something to hide. There are legitimate reasons for this, like journalists and activists in oppressive regimes, but in many cases it’s used to hide criminal activity.

And free hosting gets abused enough as it is. We are not going to provide services that will be used primarily to commit abuse.


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