How do i get my email account on my free hosting using infinity free

i want a email id for my free website but it is showing i need to give money there is any way to get email id for free ?

You can use an email hosting provider (Zoho, Migadu and Yandex still have free tiers for that) to have custom domain emails, because the functionality was disabled on free hosting to prevent spam and abuse, but it still allows MX records from other email services.


Please remember that Zoho mail won’t accept free domains such as .ml, .ga, based on my experience.


Migadu neither. Seems that banned free domains as I checked before 2 days :frowning:


Reply from migadu support:

We have banned Freenom domains due to their involvement in fraud almost full 95% of time. I am sorry about that. We can accepted them on the paid account one at a time by whitelisting them through a support request.


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