How do I get emails to my domain name which is registered elsewhere

My website is hosted here but my domain name is registered at godaddy where I’ve just set up the free email account that they provide, but it currently only sends out emails and doesn’t receive them. It looks as if I may have to set something here involving mx, if that’s possible to do - godaddy points the domain name at your servers and I’d assumed they’d have the settings for directing emails too, but it seems that your servers have to point something back at them rather than the emails just going direct to the domain name provider. It isn’t essential to get this working, but I wonder if anyone who’s achieved something like this can point me in the right direction? The thing that does this pointing has to be lined up on smtp dot secureserver dot net.

Is this something I should just abandon on the basis that every email sent to me on that address will make extra work for your servers? I don’t want to add extra costs to you if that’s the case.

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Yes it has something to do with MX records, you will have to add and create GoDaddy’s MX records here on InfinityFree to be able to recieve emails with GoDaddy.

To add MX Records, Go to the Control Panel → “MX Entry” settings under the “Emails” section → Add your MX records.

You will still need to find what MX records you will need to add here from Godaddy.


Thanks - I can see way to do it now, but may need better information from godaddy: smtp dot secureserver dot net did not work… unless… maybe I have to delete the existing entry which may have overridden the new one by having a lower priority number. Am I supposed to delete the existing mx dot byetcluster dotcom. entry with priority 0?

Edit: I tried deleting the priority 0 entry, but it reported an error and said that it can’t be changed, so I’m guessing that means that all emails will be directed into that black hole and cannot reach the godaddy email server. If so, that’s okay - I’ll manage without.

The default MX records cannot be deleted but it does not affect how you will receive your emails with GoDaddy, you will be able to receive your emails just fine.

I don’t have any experience with GoDaddy and their services but I don’t know about this "" if these are supposed to be an MX record which is a DNS record or an SMTP, SMTP and MX are different, SMTP is a protocol or a way to send your emails to another email address and MX records is used to specify the mail server in charge of accepting incoming emails.

If you have not received the emails by using GoDaddy’s MX record then try asking their support to get correct MX records that you will have to add here. Also take note that it takes up to 24 hours until your DNS records will be propagated so you cannot receive emails immediately if you’ve just recently added your MX records.

Also please refer to this Knowledge Base article:


They have deficient instructions all over the place at godaddy which only mention the smpt entry, but I found this in a discussion there from an admin:-

The correct MX records when using our workspace email (mailboxes or forwarding) are as follows:

MX @ (Priority: 10) 1 Hour

MX @ (Priority: 0) 1 Hour

You should also create the following CNames:

I don’t know if things will work with two entries at priority 0 (given that the existing entry here can’t be deleted or modified), and he didn’t explain what the CNames are for, but I’ll try the mailstore1 entry and see if anything works tomorrow.

I’ve marked this thread as solved now since any further problems with it should be fixed through seeking help at godaddy. Thanks for all your help.

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Emails are now coming through, and one that was sent before the mailstore1 entry was added has also arrived, though late, so perhaps the smtp entry led to it being stored but not delivered until the mailstore entry was added. GoDaddy’s email system still labels the domain settings as invalid for some reason, but I’ll ask them about that.

Thanks again for your help.

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