How do I enter G Suite settings for gmail email to work?

I bought the domain in G Suite: quinem(dot)com
My page works (quinem(dot)com and quinem(dot)com/wp-admin/). I have configured in DNS’s G Suite the nameservers of infinityfree but I stopped receiving emails to my gmail.

What DNS records does GSuite require for emails to work?

But i don’t know how to configure this in infinityfree.

You’ll have to change your MX and SPF records here.
Find the MX records and SPF records provided by Google if you don’t know where to find them just go to their documentations they should have informations about it.

To change your MX records here:

  1. Go to the Control Panel of the hosting account you want to configure.
  2. Go to MX entry under the “Emails” section.
  3. There you can add the MX records provided by G Suite.

To change your SPF records (this is optional but this will be necessary if you don’t want your emails to end up on the spam folder):

  1. Go to the Control Panel (if you haven’t already)
  2. Go to SPF records under “Email” section
  3. There you can add the SPF records provided by G suite.
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Thank you. I have this configuration but I don’t know how to fill it correctly so that it works.

First follow the instructions I have given to you above.

For the MX records this is how yours should look like:

Just do the same steps over and over again.

For the SPF records just enter the SPF data provided by Google and add it.

there was already 1 record saved, would there be conflict? or should I delete it?

You can’t delete it by the way. It doesn’t really affect the way you receive your emails with G Suite so you can safely ignore that.

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Thanks, after making these registrations, should my G Suite mail service work again now? or should I wait a while?

It would take up to 24-48 hours for the DNS records to get propagated so you will have to wait.

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Also, it seems like you’re using the Cloudflare integration in the Control Panel, please disable that as cloudflare is known to break some features like how you will receive your emails.

If you want to get an SSL without Cloudflare, go to the Client Area and on the menu you should see the “SSL certificates” tab and there you can follow the instructions it will give you to get a free SSL.

Finally, I registered the MX and SPF types in infinityfree in the options you indicated. Is it also necessary to register the TXT types shown in the image? Where do I register it?

Yes it would be necessary (to make sure that your emails won’t also go to the Spam folder) but you can’t add those records here since you are limited in editing your DNS records here. You are limited only to MX, CNAME and SPF (TXT) records here.

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Great! I also registered the SPF but it won’t let me register the last line that G Suite tells me, it ends in error.

Yes because the other one is a TXT record which you can’t edit here on InfinityFree.

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Thanks. So I don’t need to add this last line.

Thanks I desactivated Cloudflare and success, I get emails to my G Suite service (gmail). Thanks so much.

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