How do i enable "IMAP PHP Extension"?

How do i enable “IMAP PHP Extension” ?

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The IMAP extension was disabled due to it getting abused a lot.


I understand, but I honnestly am not able to install my app at all without it being enabled, can I not have a special request or something or should i purch premium?

We don’t enable extensions for individual accounts upon request, although I do think that iMAP is supported on premium hosting.


if you know PHP, you can edit the “install” script and bypass that check if that’s the only problem, unless if most app functions depend on it.
You can also contact the author (unless it’s you)


Hi Greenreader, thanks for the response, how can I contact support to ask them before i pay for premium and get dissapointed?

I dont think this is an option as most of the app depends on it

IMAP support is disabled on free hosting due to abuse, but it is available on premium hosting. Most functionality that’s disabled on free hosting is available on premium.


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