How do i deactivate my domain / hosting dont want anyone to acces it

how do i deactivate my domainname ? i deleted everythingin the ftp serverbut still seems to host my wordpress site thanks

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Add this to ur .htaccess

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

When u need to access then remove the 2 lines…


Remove your domain in control panel. and delete your root files from htdocs



If you delete your website files, then the website should be gone too. What makes you think that the server is still hosting your website?

If you can still access the website in your browser, here are a few possible reasons why this could happen:

  • Your are viewing a cached version of your site. This may be caused by browser cache or cache from a service like Cloudflare (if you’re using it).
  • The files you deleted are not the website you are looking at. You may want to double check the account and the website folder to ensure you deleted the right folder on the right account.
  • The domain name is actually being served from somewhere else right now. You wouldn’t be the first to have the website set up with multiple hosting providers, the domain configured to point to provider A and make changes with provider B and wondering why the changes are not working.

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