How do I create a CPanel ID and PW?


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I can’t access the CPanel. Every password/ID I try to use is invalid.


Make sure you are using the Password in your Client area located at Login to your account - InfinityFree

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Okay, another problem: I downloaded WordPress and I can’t do anything with it. It looks like this. There’s no side panels, edit capabilities, nothing.

You need to go to wp-admin and then login.
I strongly recommend reading beginner tutorials from:

Well, that was a total bust. Bottom line: I need to import the zip file of my former (suspended) WordPress blog. So far, I’ve had trouble trying to import the file to any new blog. Apparently, zip files are not compatible, and trying to convert the file to an XML is also proving to be difficult.

The best way to upload zip files is to unzip them on your computer and upload the files using an FTP Client like FileZilla.

If you downloaded a backup from an old host, that’s probably a full file and website backup. That backup should contain your full WordPress installation, including all data in it.

The best way to restore a backup like that is to restore the entire installation as-is, rather than try to transplant the data from one WordPress site into another.

The process is more or less like this:

Or like this: Moving WordPress – Documentation


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