How do I change the nameservers of my .de domain name?

I bought a domain name in google domeins with a de extension but the domain name does not accept, the registry says refused for infinityfree,
I wish I hadn’t googled .de tld.

Unfortunately you can’t. Read this:


I wish I had read this, so if I transfer my domain name somewhere else, it won’t work either, right?

It won’t work, as the nameservers check is enforced at the Registry level.


So moving it to namesilio will not work, then you need to buy a new domain name.
where to buy a domain name do you think google domains are cheap but after the .de thing you should stay away

Google Domains doesn’t alter the cost of their domains; a .com costs €12/year (which is €1 if paid monthly) and will always be that.


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