How do I become a mod?

Hi I was wondering how can I become a moderator? Active rate: 9 Grammar: 10 My grammar is great this is how I would deal with spamming Please Don’t Spam Please Read Our Guidelines Thank you, God bless

Welcome to the Community

Your English level doesn’t matter.
Help people here and be chill, be a part of community for a year
And moreover enjoy

Aren’t you one who was spamming his websites here?

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No, I heard about that but no

So you’re honest, right?

Yes Being a moderator is not a prize you can win, it’s a job you need to be qualified for.

Your IP look up.

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Okay, that have nothing to do with me why are you showing me that?

I don’t know those people you got the wrong IP

Mhm, lol THis forum logs every action.
I remember you you are the one who ad the brostalk social media? Isn’t it?


It actually has something to do with you, I just wanted you to admit that are you that troll who was spamming our forums?
We do not trust you, I’m afraid that you destroy our forums, we do not trust new members, I can leak your IP too if you don’t stop lying.


It was me but… I’ve changed I promise I won’t do it again you can watch if you want to I promise

hmm,you admitted at least,
I Appreciate that


And I did spam that link bros talk

Honesty is the best policy…

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Yes, it is

You literally created 3 topics about it…
Visit my website
GoD bless

Anyways I appreciate you in admitting yourself
Happy Hosting!

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So, what about becoming a forum mod?

For now,Impossible

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I think the people should vote on it