How do i add my own domain?

How do i setup a Freenom Domain to infinityfree?

You need to change the name server in Freenom to:

Now go to and click create account, then go to costom domain, and type Your Freenom domain!

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@Awaya3er, I wanted to help, but you obstacled me! However, thanks for the help. And please don’t double post next time to correct the error; at least delete your second post because your first post is correct! And unlock more badges to get the “Basic” badge that allows you to edit if you missed something.

@CoolAzure, continuing what @Awaya3er said, you need to use a domain that is NOT a .tk domain if you’re going to use Freenom!

Also, if you already have a hosting account that you want to connect your own domain to, set it to the nameservers, and then add it to the account in “Addon Domains” option in the control panel.

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