How do I add my domain name to an existing subdomain?

Details: I started, and i want to add domain to it.

I have completed the following:

Do I signin to the Infinityfree Cpanel to complete the domain transfer process, and how? I read that servers within Infinityfree are these- (,
My Topic is similar to this link: (, I think I completed the proper tasks, but I have not yet seen the domain change. Thank you.

Helpful Information.
**My website URL is:**
I’m using this software: WordPress installed through Softaculous App Installer.

NS looks good , now you have to add a domain to our system

I assume you’re more suited to parked because you want it to be an alias for mapioid.epizy
but expect some necessary modifications since this is WordPress

Or simply select Addon domain and install fresh WP on it because you have an empty template anyway

then wait

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Thanks for this help! I’m going to do this tomorrow. It sounds like Addon Domain will be right for me. I’ll be installing a fresh WP and decent theme template, with domain name.
EDIT UPDATE: I just successfully installed WP to my domain. Thanks!

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