How come you provide sectigo ssl but not digicert

Like Seriously Infinityfree Why don’t you provide Digicert ssl? You provide Sectigo And let’s encrypt.

Can you pay for SSL?


This is free hosting. You paying?


Short answer: why should we? SSL is SSL, either you have it or you don’t, and offering both Let’s Encrypt and GoGetSSL allows us to provide SSL for all cases.

We started out with only Let’s Encrypt since it’s the most popular free SSL certificate provider. But they don’t really work for subdomains, so we added GoGetSSL for that.

I don’t know if DigiCert has any free SSL options themselves or through resellers. I’m not aware of those options existing. Let’s Encrypt doesn’t provide any paid services at all, and Sectigo is quite forward thinking in this way too, like with their partnerships with cPanel and Cloudflare to provide free SSL to all too.

If you do know any parties that can offer DigiCert certificates for free, have an API to request them through and have a validation system that can work with our hosting, I’d be happy to consider adding them to the available vendors.

And we won’t sell paid SSL certificates any time soon. I personally don’t see the benefit in paid SSL (like I said: SSL is SSL), and not having to deal with billing makes everything easier to operate.


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