How can we use an anti-ddos attack?

Im glad for hosting in InfinityFree, but my problem is just one.

Yesterday i got my website been ddosed by someone. And my website listed in the suspended domain. Im can only wait for 24 hour so my web could be back. Its such a long time.

Can i just add anti ddos or something just like that? Or if my site is been ddosed so it can automically ban the ip address of the attacker?

Please help.

The goal is to have something in front of the hosting (like Cloudflare proxy)
so requests hit there and not your website directly.

There is no point in putting anything here on the hosting like .htaccess
or use some PHP script that will automatically block the IP
because in order for that script to react, it must be touched (by attackers)
to return some 403 to him - and it’s a HIT again

everything is a HIT - whenever the server has to respond to a request or process something

So it’s the same as someone ringing your doorbell
and you have some auto system that will tell him “I’m not at home”,
but his pressing the doorbell consumes resources anyway
regardless of the message you will give him (or no message).

IP blocking can reduce requests,
because it’s not the same when someone touches your website and get a 403
VS loading all CSS files + images + JS = additional 80+ REQs,
but if someone really wants to crash your website, he will easily find another way or just increase the number of requests (and achieves the same).

If you own your domain you can


Thank you Oxy for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the same issue and cloudflare was the answer, I also enabled ‘im under attack’ mode in cloudflare

everything has been great after that


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