How can i use gmail for my webmail instead of roundcube?

I am trying to use my email with my domain ( and i wondered if i could use gmail instead of the default webmail.

You can’t use Gmail to receive messages from your custom email address, because IMAP support isn’t available on free hosting. The only way to receive messages from your custom email address is the webmail software available on the Control Panel. If you want IMAP support, please consider changing email hosting with one which supports IMAP, or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it also supports configuring custom email clients.


You could use Google STMP. But it requires some PHP. The steps are provided in the Knowledge Base. The problem with forwarding to gmail is that the servers will notice some details don’t match (One way of seeing if it is spam, but your forwarding isn’t), then it goes to spam or automatic deletion.

I used that methodology a few days ago, and honestly the result is the same as without it. All the emails go directly to Spam, and in the Microsoft accounts (hotmail, outlook, live,…) they are not even delivered, just deleted before.
But I think that the question of the author of this post is another one, and that many of us would like to be able to carry out it successfully, besides the mentioned deliveries of mails to the Microsoft accounts.

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