How can i request for a backup for my site from infinityfree team

Username epiz_27501148

i have tried all way to export my website but failed as the process seems to take much time which eventually exceeds CPU limit resulting in the site being suspended without the backup or export finishing, this so because the site is big about 700mb
-i have tried every wordpress migration plugin no luck
-tried downloading the htdoc/public_html via control panel and ftp server
all these take much long leading CPU exceed and suspensuioin

i really need some help getting the backup from infinityfree itself, please help extract the htdoc/public_html folder so i can just download that

or if there is another way am missing

Do not do that.
You can use Softaculous to do the backup

This shd help…


I don’t suggest softaclous Because softaclous has a downtimes So Save it on your computer is better.

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FTP traffic and phpMyAdmin don’t use any CPU power. Only scripts running on your website use CPU power.

Backup plugins are definitely not going to work, both due to CPU limits and because you can’t store a 700 MB backup with a file size limit of 10 MB and a memory limit of 128 MB.

Do make sure to use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla though. Web based FTP software can’t handle large archives well.


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