How can i pin my blogspot to my sub-domain

how can i pin my blogspot to my sub-domain?

how to setting the CNAME?



I am not sure I understand

If you are using InfinityFree nameservers ( and than you can set it up in the control panel (VistaPanel). If you are using Cloudflare with your domain, you can set it up under the DNS section in your Cloudflare account.

now I used Cloudflare with my domain, and I used infinityfree for my web

i dont how to set

a. blogger(blogspot) blog to subdomain

b. the SSL to my web with infinityfree





Vague questions invite vague/no answers…

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If you have your own domain name, you can probably point a subdomain of that domain to Blogger. Simply setup a CNAME record on your hosting account to point it to the value Blogger provides you.

You don’t need Cloudflare for this.


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