How can i patch (CVE-2011-1002)

hello recently ive found out using nmaps volnurability scanning script that my website is volnurable
(CVE-2011-1002) (dos exploit) and i was wondering if anyone knows how to patch it

help would be appreaciated

So, what does your middle schooler vulnerability have to do with InfinityFree servers?


What did your script find that makes you believe that this vulnerability exists? What script did you run in the first place?

The CVE has to do with Avahi, and I don’t see why our servers would have it. It mostly makes sense for things like desktop systems to locate printers on a local network, not something you would run on a server at all. And if you did, you definitely wouldn’t want to expose it to the internet.


@echo off
set /p asd="input domain or ip to scan: "
nmap --script vuln --script-args vulscandb=scipvuldb.csv %asd%

What is this supposed to do?


maybe like look at it?

you should never try something you just found on google or somewhere, just an advice.

dude i used the nmap documentation + i made that batch script myself

please mention your website.

This is your own code, why do you refuse to elaborate what it does?


dude its literaly obvious dont you know batch?

anyways if you dont it gets input from the user and then it tries to scan the input w nmap

no harm in explaining either, saves everyones time.


configure cloudflare and try nmap, must fix the issue.


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Even then it does not answer this:


dude the admin left he prob didnt even see my response to that

You never answered his question? You can’t run bash commands here, so I am still confused on what the vulnerability has to do with your InfinityFree website.