How can i move my old domain to InifinityFree?

Username: epiz_26497363

I have an old domain that I would like to use here (hosted by InfinityFree).
Is that possible?
And if so, how can I do that?

Unfortunately my old contract with “Dogado” ends in 10.6.2022.
And I have the feeling you will tell me I cannot move the domain while its still “in use”…
(they bought the former web company, increased the fee by 500% and now I cant get out for 2 years - these bastards)

You will need to contact your domain’s registrar and ask if they allow “DNS settings” to be configured since most of the hosting bundles cant.


We don’t restrict you from using a domain name registered elsewhere. In fact, we don’t provide any domain registration services, so you have to register a domain name elsewhere to use it at all.

Simply follow this guide to add it to your account:


I will look into that.
thank you very much for the info.

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