How can I Improve?

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I have a site (Shortened Url Because I don’t want this to appear in search results , Please don’t include my site link in your reply becuase that appears in Search results so please don’t mind)

I have Created this Site for our Company tried my level best to create it well but I need some Feedback & Suggestion on my Site on how can I Improve my site

Here’s are My Questions

  1. How much will you rate from 1 to 10 ?
  2. What can I Improve ?
  3. Any thing I need to Remove ?
  4. What is the Thing that is well on my site ?

Aside my Question’s

Also I wanted to ask that Google Search Console Help document states that websites added to free hosting or shared hosting will be penalized by Google Manual Action . Is this also for Infinty Free ?

What is the Popular website which use Infinty Free for web hosting , are there any popular brands who use Infinty Free hosting ?

Any Suggestion will be Highly Appreciated

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Not sure if this topic belongs to this forum, but OK. Here’s what I saw:

  • Carousel images don’t show up due to the format being .avif and you’re using img tags for images.
  • You can use a two-column layout instead of centring your hero section. You can add images also!

A solid 5 out of 10.

  • Keep only one copyright text, probably remove the orange copyright text.
  • Remove the image of that person (near footer), which is breaking the layout on mobile.

Of course, free hosting means all free hosting providers.

Most use infinityfree for development purposes and testing their PHP codes. So, answer is probably NO?


Hi @jaikrishna.t ,

Thanks a lot for the reply .

I have selected Informal , I guess I can ask in Informal , Sorry if I am wrong


I have changed that photo to up , Now everything seems good .

Bad Layout ? , I guess it is in Mobiles , Laptops it’s a good layout I guess , What you say ?

Now I have fixed the layout can you re-rate now ?

Remove this… TWO copyright text for what?

No like this:

Use two columns, one for text and one for related image or an icon.


@jaikrishna.t Thanks a lot and lot

But I didn’t understand what you are trying image Text really really sorry z Can you explain more detailed ? please :pleading_face:

Thanks a lot I really appreciate your time :smiling_face:

Any other suggestions anybody here?

Why not? It’s website-related and in the correct category.


  1. The yellow highlighted copyright text (As @jaikrishna.t mentioned) needs to be gone.
  2. You need consistency across the entire site. For example, why is the text so small? (Also, there are some grammar mistakes. “Make” to “make” and “Client Happy” to “clients happy” just to name a few.
  3. When the chat box opens, a weird grey box also shows up.
  4. In the navbar, remove the “More” and just put in all in one. Also, watch the grammar
  5. The About Us page is probably the worst (No offense). Red is not anywhere else on your website, the margins are missing, and lots of grammar mistakes. Also, your images do not show up.
  6. “Visiting” is spelled incorrectly in the footer
  7. The “FAQ” page is missing some horizontal lines, is missing the navbar, and has a weird black dot in the corner.
  8. Search is broken
  9. Contact us page looks like it belongs to a different website. The background color is wrong, the font is different, and the footer is missing
  10. On some pages (like about us), the footer is missing some elements, like the social media links and the send button for the newsletter.
  11. All three pages under the “Status” sub-menu are broken
  12. 404 page looks incredibly cool, but again, the background color is wrong, the font is different, and the navbar and footer is missing.
  13. If you are going to use mailto: in the footer, type the full email, not [at] and [dot]. Most bots are going to read the actual link, not the text.
  14. The menu needs to switch to a mobile version sooner
  15. Spelling and grammar under “Contact Us” on the homepage.
  16. Margins (Pretty much everywhere). Pick one margin size to use and stick with it.

Overall: Pick a color for the background color, margin size, as well as font style, size, and color to use, and stick with it throughout the entire site. Also, make sure all grammar and spelling are correct, I found more than I listed here.

I added that in with above, but only the second yellow footer.

Color choice, font style, and buttons on the 404 page.

The “Who We Are” animation on the home page

The footer (Specifically on the home page)

Can you link that article? That does not sound correct, especially the “shared hosting” part.

Hopefully this is long enough for you!


@Greenreader9 , Thanks for the detailed explanation, I Really Appreciate your help !

I will change the code as you have said and will get back to you shortly :blush:

Thanks a lot :grin:


@Greenreader9 , @jaikrishna.t

First of all ,

I am Very Thankful to both of you ! :pray:

I have removed the Copyright Text & Added the Company Full form .

I have adjusted the the text to somewhat readable , Is that ok now ?

Thanks for telling , I have Corrected it !

Thanks for telling , I haven’t noticed that still ! but I failed to see where to grey box is coming from the chat is added from HubSpot Embed Code I will be Contacting them on this & There’s no grey box in the Code !

Done , Removed the more , Grammar everything is correct in the Grammar ?

Yes , It is worst Page I need to start it again from Scratch !

I have changed the images format and forgot to update it , Again Thanks for telling , However I re-work on the About-US

There’s nothing so Search right now , When I add Products , Then I will update the Search .

Actually for Contact US Page I copied Source code from Another website for receiving the replies to mail , I will be Updating that Page as well

Thanks for telling , now I have changed It !

Navbar & footer for 404 doesn’t sound good for me , So I have removed that !

Ok , I got that Updated !

I didn’t get that , What do you mean by Mobile Version ? The menu is already good on mobile for me

I don’t see any Spelling Mistakes under Contact Us in Homepage ?

Thanks for your Suggestion , I will definitely use that !

Definitely , Now I will work on this About -US , Contact -US Page on offline for testing , When ALL Ok I will upload it to website & , I will let you know

I found that video on Google , But Later Realized that’s not real by looking in Comments

Now can you Re-Rate ? :grin:

Have you uploaded the new files? I do not see a change on the site.

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Yes , I have uploaded the HOME page changed which I mentioned in the above reply , As said i will work on About-Us and Contact-Us and test and upload them

Thank a lot again @Greenreader9

@Greenreader9 aren’t able to see changes in the navbar and some mentioned in my reply !

Yes, I see new changes (navbar)!
Just designer advice, REMOVE the orange bar, it looks odd on the page. Your choice anyway!

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Ok , will remove that morning I am on mobile now !

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@jaikrishna.t I added that to differentiate the footer and content when I remove that it looks mixed the footer with content

Any suggestions?

How it would be adding a Black line ?

Good, add a black line, cuz SSE is already defined many times with its full form!

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Will add that morning and revert back here

Thanks a lot for you help and suggestions!

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I would like to re-rate it to :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:/10

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Thanks a lot @jaikrishna.t , I really Appreciate a Lot ! Also @Greenreader9

I hope the change the About Us and Contact Us will lead it to better more rating !


Hi @jaikrishna.t ,

I have removed the Orange Bar Now & Replaced that with a Black line ! & Added a Logo in the Footer How does that look . I’m planning to add in Navbar as well what do you say ?

@jaikrishna.t Any Suggestion on Logo , does it look good ?

SSE-Logo(Files).zip (2.9 MB)