How Can I Host Discourse on infinityfree?

I need help.

I want to host discourse, on what?
Can I host discourse on this or can someone set up a self hosted discourse for me?

~ Chance


Discourse is a VPS software, and it can not be hosted on infinityfree: Try an alternative like MyBB or Vanilla Forums


No, discourse needs at least 10GB of space (the free hosting account can be capped at ~5GB). Also, it needs some specific extensions that are not available here. A VPS fro iFastNet is suggested.

Specifically, Discourse needs Ruby to run, and Ruby is not supported on free hosting. Premium hosting does have Ruby installed, so you will be able to install it on premium hosting. but not Redis, witch is also required.
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Actually, you can’t, you need a VPS because the resources it needs to run Discourse is way too much for premium hosting.


The official way to run Discourse is with Docker and their own installer script. And to do that, you’ll need your own (virtual) server to run it. Discourse itself does not support any web hosting service.

Perhaps it’s possible to make it work on premium hosting, but expect it to be EXTREMELY painful to setup and maintain, and to not be possible at all.

Oh, and you don’t just need Ruby support, you also need a PostgreSQL database (which premium hosting has) and a Redis instance (which premium hosting does NOT have).

Discourse is a beast to run (speaking from experience). Don’t be stupid, add additional difficulty for yourself and just get a VPS for it and use the recommended installation method.


? Please can someone do this? You’d get mod perms still

Every time I try to install it on an AWS instance, I get stuck with the email verification.

Same. Though I don’t have a phone number

why do you need a phone number? for what?

It made me verify my card I mean

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The email part is a burden lol. Some advice or steps will be useful. Like setup and free email service etc.

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I know lol

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