How can I have my site hosted by InfinityFree displayed on Google?

Hello everyone, when I search on Google some sites hosted by InfinityFree come out but when I search PenryBelly my site (ie hosted by InfinityFree does not appear. How could I do? My site is made up of HTML only and doesn’t have a CMS or anything like that installed. Furthermore, I would also like my subdomains to appear in the Google results (ie and I want to clarify that my site including subdomains all have an active and valid InfinityFree SSL certificate (GoGetSSL). Thank you all.

You need to submit your site to Google. You can do this from the Search Console.

You can also consider doing the same for Bing

And for higher ranking (with both) make sure you have correct SEO. If you are using Wordpress, I suggest installing the Google Search Console plug-in. If you are not using Wordpress, follow this guide:


Please note that:

  • It can take quite long for Google to index new websites.
  • There are signs that Google penalizes Freenom domain. So if you want a good search engine ranking, you may want to buy a domain name with a different extension.

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