How can I get to the top in google search?

What do you use to get to the top in google search?

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Getting on top on Google search results is very hard especially if your site name is very common, for example: your site name is “Best Blog” then your site won’t probably have a good position on the search engine results because there are many other sites that are very popular than yours with the same name/almost the same name of your site.

Using meta tags (for HTML only) for the description and keywords for your site can help slightly boost your SEO:

<meta name="description" content="Best blog is the best blog in the world">

<meta name="keywords" content="Best, Best Blog, Blog">

Using keywords that is not related to your site can slightly help your site’s SEO as well.

If you’re using WordPress and Joomla, then you can use some SEO optimization plugins which they have a bunch of them available in their plugin repository.

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Let’s start by making one thing clear: getting the top search result is very hard, and there is no guaranteed “follow these X steps and your website will be first” process to follow. After all, if it was easy, everyone would do it, and everyone would be the “top” search result, while only one site can be.

The pillars of a good search result position are, primarily:

  • Making your website easy to understand for search engines.
  • Lots of high quality content.
  • Good reputation and popularity.

All of these things are hard to do. Because, again, if it was simple, everyone would do it.

It should be noted that search engine providers to publicly share the details of their ranking algorithms. After all, they want to provide high quality search results, and having black hat hackers abuse the algorithms to promote their spam content is not what they want.

There are tons of guides available online on how to do this. But you may find conflicting or outdated information, including information which contradicts what I just wrote. It’s up to you to work hard to include those recommendations and hope for the best.


If you are using wordpress, install a plugin like Rank Math. There is no guarantees for this. The plugins just Help to get to the top.

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