how can i get data from php

I’m pulling certain data from mysql with php, but when I try to pull this data through another system, it gives an error. I did some research and saw an article that the api is restricted and this restriction will be lifted only with premium. But is there any method to pull data from mysql without premium. If yes, I would like to know how to do it.

If by “pulling data through another system”, you mean “accessing the our MySQL databases from elsewhere” or “having an external system talk to PHP code on your website”, then the answer is no. We provide free hosting for websites, i.e. things that produce web pages to be viewed in browsers. We don’t provide database hosting or API hosting.

If you mean something else, then please be more specific. “Pulling data through another system” could mean anything.


My goal is to enter the php section via httpservice via roblox and pull the mysql data displayed there, but I can’t do it because of this restriction, so I’m wondering. side providers etc on your site that can give access to it. to see if there are things. I will not pay any fees because these are for testing purposes, I would deal with paid systems if it weren’t for testing anyway.

It is not an option with free providers for a reason, they get abused a lot and lifting certain limitations will make things worse. That is why such things are not provided by InfinityFree as well as most of other free hosting providers.


Those kinds of applications are not supported here. Like I said, we provide hosting for websites/web pages. Our hosting is not intended to be used for video game bots/mods/addons or whatever those integrations in Roblox are called.

The same rules apply on premium hosting, but unlike on free hosting, there is no security system that prevents you from doing this, so you can host it there.

Maybe there are other free providers that do support this. I don’t know. But this is the InfinityFree forum, so discussing the services of competitors is not something you should discuss here.


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