How can I get a different site builder

I want a other sitebuilder were i do not need to buy premium

We only have one site builder option: a free trial of

But that’s just one of many ways you can use to build a website here. You can code your own website from scratch, or using a HTML template, or use a CMS like WordPress instead. Your hosting account is a blank canvas, you can use it pretty much as you want with the tools you want.

As far as I can tell, the most popular option seems to be the WordPress CMS with the Elementor site builder plugin for it. But that’s mostly by the number of questions we see on here regarding things that don’t work with Elementor, so there may be better options.

I don’t have any particular recommendations beyond that though. It seems that the best web builders are kept by the owner to profit from, not given away for others to use elsewhere.


How can i use WordPress and what coding language does it use?

And i know someone who knows CSS/HTML/JS so could that work?

WordPress uses PHP, but you don’t need to know it in order to use it


If i use wordpress as i know installed it, will it give watermark and if yes how can i remove it.

I used astra as theme and template

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Heya! So i made a landing page with wordpress i published it but i get a wrong code how will it go from now? How can I host the landingpage?

I am not sure what you mean by this. Please share your URL


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