How can I fix emailing issue?

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Error: The email could not be sent. Your site may not be correctly configured to send emails. Get support for resetting your password.

Other Information

I did try find out how to recover my password using PHPMyAdmin, BUT can’t recover my password or use my contact form since something is wrong in the setup : what can that be ?

extension WP Mail SMTP explains that
Contact your hosting provider and ask them to verify that your server can establish external connections. Additionally, ask them if a firewall or security policy could prevent this connection; many hosts block certain ports.

You should be able to send email using SMTP from our service. Please make sure to use port 587 (with STARTTLS authentication). Most SMTP services support port 587, and other ports (25, 465, 2525, etc.) are blocked on our servers.


Could you please explain me how to do that ? I have no idea where I can change SMTP port, since this was a standard install of wordpress through softaculous…

Well, I did find out what was wrong using extension doc. I wonder why this wasn’t necessary on my last website. Thanks anyway, this gave me confidence :slight_smile:

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