How can i find the link to my site?

How can i find the link to my website

go here Login to your account - InfinityFree

select the appropriate acc

and then you’ll have a section (right down somewhere) Domain Names

what is stated there is also the address of your page (website)

If you have other problem please write as much information as possible


But when i click on it it says " Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!"


But where do i find my the link to my website that i just uploaded?

please read the article above (you didn’t even try to read it - and just posting )

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i did something wrong?

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Make sure to upload files DIRECTLY to the htdocs folder¶

In addition to not uploading your files outside the htdocs folder, you should also make sure to not upload your files to a subdirectory of the htdocs folder. If you upload your website files to a subdirectory, the server doesn’t check the subdirectory for your website files.

So please make sure your website files are placed directly in the htdocs folder, not in a subdirectory.

don’t put the website in a subdirectory (proiect scolar)

You need to put the files directly on the root of htdocs and not in the subdir
and keep the existing files/folders structure but only without subdir if you want your website to be called only with domain address.

take everything out of this folder image and upload to htdocs


Sorry but it still doesn t work

and please read the article I gave you
it is also useful in case of further problems

rename aProject.html to index.html

and give us your domain address
so that we can check


Oh. It finally works. Thanks for babysitting me. I am really sorry but i am doing bad with english.


No problem

maybe this will be useful to you (click me)

wait a while to translate :slight_smile:


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