How can i create backup of my site


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i just want to have backup file that isnt corrupted doesnt show corrupted when uploading on local host. i have paid all in one wp. when i create a backup and try to upload on localhost it says file corrupted.

Plugin will not work if backup is greater then 10mb. You have to do it manually.
Alternatively, use Softaculous to create one backup and download it


any guide for that??

Nothing such, just download the database and the files

from where i can download files and database. plz provide guide


Login to phpmyadmin and select your database, then go to the export tab and click on go after making changes.

Login to the file manager via FTP et. Go to the htdocs directory and select all and make the file transfer to your system.

then how can i upload the database and files on to local host?

Same , the import tab in phpmyadmin on localhost. And as for files to the root directory like www etc.

ive other websites as well does it affect my other websites if i i import mysql file and htdocs folder to local host?

its stuck on 95%

Please make sure you are using a desktop FTP client like FileZilla. Our web based file manager cannot be used to backup an entire website, it breaks if you try to create a large archive.

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how to import or upload .tar file or server or local host??

Go to phpMyAdmin, select your database or create one. Then go to the import tab and choose the .sql file. that’s it done!

Unzip the file on your computer before you upload it.

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after uploading the file should i import the sql file as well???

i did man. but the website was broken. and if i try to go to wp-admin it takes me to my on server domain

Before uploading, open the SQL file with a text editor. Search for the domain it was previously installed on, preferably CTRL+F. Then replace the old domain with localhost in bulk.