How can I connect my home-server to my website?

I have a extra computer running linux in my house, I would like to make it a public storage server and then link it to a sub-domain of my website. How could I do that?

I tried to make my computer a storage server many times before, but every time it only worked locally. When I tried to port-forward my machine from the router’s settings it never worked. I tried using apache servers, FTPs, and SMB 2. But it never worked outside my network.

Could this issue be caused by my internet provider blocking port forwarding? Or is this a issue on my end?

My network configuration is as follows:

Broadband given router → my main router → devices(including my server)

Thanks in advance!

As this is not technical hardware support, I don’t know what to tell you, besides I can’t help with that. Try asking on

You may be able to you your computer as storage, however you will probably have to host your sub-domain there as well.

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Linking a subdomain of your website is possible, with a bit of effort.

Normally, you’d do this by setting up an DNS A record and pointing it to your home IP address. However, our panel doesn’t support setting up A records.

But you can also do this with CNAME records. All you need to do is to find a hostname that points to your home IP address. And that can be found by looking up the “Reverse IP” of your home IP using a tool like this, which returns a hostname you can use as a CNAME destination.

As for how to do port forwarding in your router, that’s not really a hosting question.

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It is possible especially if they monitor ports 80 or 8080 or 443
so it is desirable to create some others No. (anything over 10000).

btw. even if you open a port, a “port checker” will not see it is open unless you have an application listening for that forwarded port on your local network.

Also it is desirable that you have HTTPS
so that the passwords and the rest are not sent in plain text form

and after everything you’ve done, you still have a big fight with security and against DDoS

because your device/network is open to the world.

Raspberry pi or some android smartphone is more energy efficient
so you can also consider their use


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