How can I close account in profreehost?

I want to host my website on infinityfree but when I add my domain on the infinityfree-net,
It show that " The selected custom domain is already in use on Please remove the custom domain from your account at before you can host it on InfinityFree."

unaux (profreehost)
I have edit the NS record to infinityfree-net
But I found there is no where I can remove the domain name from profreehost’s back end.

So what can I do ? Any body know how to fully remove and deleter the account and domain from
profreehost(unaux) ?

I have never used ProFreeHost so I wouldn’t be able to tell you. However, did you try contacting support/forum?

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Just delete the addon(or parked) domain from the PFH VPanel will do


For starters, do NOT close the account while your domains are still on it. That will lock the domains in place and you’ll be unable to host them here.

If your account is already closed, then reactivate it first.

When the account is active, you can go into the control panel and delete the domains from there. When you did that, you’ll be able to use the domains here right away.

After removing the domains, you can close the account again at PFH.


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